What's Wrong With the President of America?

And the economic significance

My concern on this subject is entirely economical. I don't care much about politics. I think politics is a subset of the state of the global economy. And after the G20 trip and the speech of the current US President in Vietnam, it is worth asking serious questions. Since this man is also running for a second term in office.

What Do Presidents Do?

On the surface, you would think that Presidents control their countries. But nothing could be farther from the truth. The President (or prime minister, in some cases) is just someone to accept responsibility and blame for any and every kind of failure.

Meaning that their job is supposed to be to hold people accountable. Even more intense than that, they have the job of a cheerleader. Presidents are marketing officers of their countries to the global community.

Now, the issue here is the country at the apex of the world right now has a president that is not so presentable. (And I am trying very hard not to use harsh words here).

How has the US found itself in a place where an 82-year-old who struggles to make coherent sentences is the president? Now, I don't want to get into all the conspiracies about his election. But this is not a good look at all.

I have seen a few takes on the Vietnam speech and it is very hard to avoid using a bad word to describe it. But because this is the US president, and one has to be careful.

I love the USA. Personally, I think the American Empire is the best we have seen thus far (as terrible as it has been). But if what we are seeing right now is not a sign of decline, I don't know what is. I know people are saying that China is weakening. But is it?

Geopolitics And Money

Anyone who tells you that money and geopolitics are not related is unlearned. It is connected today more than ever. What we call money today is a result of geopolitics.

The US dollar has no utility value. America can print it, even without having to print the notes. And then they can buy goods and services from other countries with what they printed. This is the ultimate cheat code. But that wasn't bestowed on America randomly.

Someone once asked me why the US dollar is the global reserve currency, even after President Nixon took it off the gold standard. Well, America won the Second World War. The US dollar being the global reserve is their spoil.

And the US dollar will remain the global reserve until a drastic event changes that. I think China knows that well.

Most people think the US is in a better position than China. I disagree. While economically, it seems so at the moment, there are some underlying issues people are not seeing. What is the goal of China? What is the long-term plan of China?

If China's goal is to replace America as the world's superpower, then how would you propose they do it? China will probably do it slowly, over a long period, and not mind harming themselves temporarily in the process. That would be the common sense approach.

So, why do we think this is not what is happening? I believe China's appearance as weak economically is a strategic move.

Do I think China would be the next world superpower? No, I hope not.

Do I think the yuan will be the next reserve currency? Definitely no. Even China doesn't want the yuan to be the next reserve currency.

But while the US will keep having different presidents and lots of internal struggles, China is firmly represented by one man for the foreseeable future. And sadly the man representing America right now... no one wants to talk about it. But we all know it deep down.

Who is Running America?

No one can tell me that the person giving orders in the White House is the current president. I would find that extremely hard to believe seeing how he is in public. If it is that bad in public, how bad is it privately?

Let's say you own a restaurant chain. Would you make the current president a manager? I wouldn't. So, how come he is president of the superpower country of the world? Well, that is democracy for you. And it is not a good sight.

Many other countries have the same problem. Only people who have gathered enough political capital can get to anywhere meaningful in government. Hence, the status quo is the norm in a lot of places.

I'm trying hard not to make this political. But it is. Money is political too.


The current US administration is no match for China (right now) in strategy. I think China is intentionally making the US think China is weak economically while they peel off a lot of supporting beams of the US economic structure. (Think about the move against Apple).

If China is doing what I think they are doing, by the time they invade Taiwan, the US will be too paralyzed to do anything. I would prefer a balanced world that is why I am saying this. I haven't seen anyone touch on this angle of the story. I am sharing so that it can be avoided. I would like to see a strong US and a strong China. But it seems as if the US is hell-bent on being weak.

I don't know what to conclude about the US president. What I know is that all is not well (to put it mildly). And if he wins reelection in 2024, the world will feel it in more ways than you can imagine…

Bad times create strong men

Strong men create good times

Good times create weak men

Weak men create bad times

I rest my case.

P.S. If you haven't read my take on the Apple VS China thing, read it here

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