The Future of Jobs

The middle class is forever changed

When I hear people submitting 100 job applications without getting a positive result, it bothers me. The saddest part is that they keep doing that in the hopes that one day something will click. They think it is a numbers game

It is not a numbers game. You can apply to 10,000 jobs and get nothing.

This is so important in today's world, especially with the rise of AI. AI will wipe out a lot of "middle-class jobs". But that is just one side of the story.

The other side is that AI will make entrepreneurship easier than ever. It will become possible to have a $1 billion company with just 20 employees.

The Job Era is Over

I discourage people from blindly applying for jobs. It doesn't work anymore. I know they want the safety. I know they crave the stability. But we all have no choice now - you swim or you drown

Now, this is not to say you should go start a business. Not everyone is cut out for that.

This is saying you ought to start treating yourself as a business. Face it - you are unlikely going to get hired for your skills. It is no more about what you can do

Instead, it is now about who you are.

And the way you define yourself professionally to the outside world is through content creation. The way you know me is by my content

This is why content creation is the only sure way (into the foreseeable future) to get work opportunities. This has been my pathway since graduating from the university several years back.

Meaning that, if you cannot give yourself something to do (and sell yourself), it will be hard to get anything tangible professionally. The only things you will get are things that will easily be lost.

But not all kinds of content will get you work opportunities though.

The Future: Content Creation >> Submitting CVs

I have seen people make content consistently and even go viral, yet they got nothing out of it. They don't know how to turn content into opportunities (and later to money).

And this is because they don't know how content creation works. They are doing content to get attention or go viral. And that often leads to doing stupid things that block opportunities.

Let's assume for a second that you are trying to get work opportunities with content creation...

When you are using content creation to pave the way for yourself in business (or professionally), you pick your audience carefully and talk about what they are interested in.

They have to see you as an authority of some sort or at least, that you know what you are saying. 

Submitting job applications makes people look down on you. They have what you want. And they have hundreds of other people like you applying for the same position. Those odds are terrible

Instead of that, what you want is someone charmed by you, who wants you and no other person. 

Some of the best opportunities you will get are from people who are not hiring. If you are useful, why not?

I have not seen a CEO that will say, "I met a guy that demonstrates to me how we can double our sales over the next 3 months and I believe him. But we are not hiring right now".

In fact, when companies are hiring it is a bad way to get introduced to them. This is because they already have a box in their head that they want you to fit into.

Content is the way. To make them come to you, not you going to beg for their attention.

Moreover, if they hire you based on a resume, they will fire you based on "we have to layoff some staff to survive".

Meanwhile, if they get attracted by your content, you are seen more as a strategic asset than an employee. Content is the only way.

Why This Matters to Investors

If you are still calling for CVs to find the right person to bring into your company, you are doing it wrong. I believe every company should have at least one recruiter.

And the job of the recruiter is to look for people who are a good fit for the company. Find the person you need. This is not just about finding someone with a set of skills anymore.

This is about personal experience, personality, drive, lifestyle, culture, etc. You want someone who can come and fit right into the organization and what you are building.

You find those people by their content. It is like scouting in sports. And don't look in one place such as LinkedIn. No, look across social media platforms. Look for people who match the leader you seek.

Skills can always be taught. AI will probably be more skilled in a few years. However, an influential leader cannot be replaced by AI.

This presents an opportunity in two distinct areas. The first is in recruiting. This changes recruitment forever. This is the form recruitment will take in the age of AI.

The second opportunity is that a well-positioned person can start a company that follows this new idea of recruiting. And the business will probably grow to become a billion-dollar business.


The future of jobs is work opportunities generated by content creation. College degrees are dead. Most skills will be dominated by AI.

People will get work opportunities through content creation. Businesses will prefer content creators (of some kind) in every fabric of their business. This is the future and there is no stopping it.

I hope you take full advantage of it.

Stay rich.

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