Building Generational Wealth

A millionaire investing playbook

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It is easier than you think to build generational wealth. But unfortunately, most people focus on making money. Most people think short-term. And hence, they make horrible investing decisions.

I cannot guarantee that you will make money this year. In fact, no one can. However, I am sure you will build formidable wealth in 10 years if you listen (and follow) what I am about to tell you.

The Millionaire Playbook

At the start of this year 2024, I was thinking of the kind of difference I could make in the financial life of my readers. My goal for Rich Culture has always been to make people rich.

But also, I didn't want to get into any legal trouble (or bind) because of the promise of financial gain. This is because some people look for who to blame when they make errors. So, this is not about making money - instead, it is about building wealth.

I want to show you how the game is played. In fact, I'll do better by giving you a playbook. If you follow the playbook, you will not only build generational wealth, but it will be easier than you think.

But there are a few conditions:

  • This is for people who have a concrete source of income already. Either from a good job or some kind of business. And that income can go on for the next 10 years

  • This is for people who have access to the financial market through investing platforms

  • This is for people committed to building wealth long term and willing to forgo instant gratification

If you meet these three conditions, the Millionaire Investing Playbook is for you.

The Contents of the Playbook

In the Millionaire Investing Playbook, I shared specifics on building a true investing portfolio. Something to make you the Warren Buffett of your era.

The truth is that the first few years might be rocky. But the moment you survive those years and get the hang of the playbook. It will just be free gliding into millions. And if you live long enough, it will be billions.

This is not conventional wisdom. This is contrarian wisdom. The crowd follows conventional wisdom and that is why the crowd gets the short end of the stick always. The few who are contrarians are those who win big in investing.

Since everybody today is an investor, this is important. This could be used on your 401k (or retirement account), your Robinhood account, or any investing platform you have that has true access to the global financial markets.

Now, here is the warning. At some point, when you start winning and seeing a lot of money. Don't get complacent. Don't think you are a genius. Don't assume you've got the magic and can do anything you like. Instead, stick to the playbook.

It is almost impossible to win as a trader in the financial markets. If you are buying and selling based on speculation, you will lose a lot of money. Everybody who comes on the media to hype up any investing play is there to cajole naive people or push their narrative on others.

Contrary to what you may think, the financial market is a dog-eat-dog world. Everybody else is there hoping to eat your lunch. It is almost impossible for the average person to succeed without a long-term strategy.

And the Millionaire Investing Playbook is a long-term strategy.

The Millionaire Investing Club

This is what the premium experience of Rich Culture will be called from now on. If you have subscribed to premium in 2023, lucky you. The rate will stay the same for you. But if you are joining today, you will be getting in on the early-bird MIC price point.

If you are already a premium subscriber and you opt-out, then come back in again, you will lose your previous price point rate. The new rate will be whatever is on when you choose to return.

The idea is that I want you to take this seriously. I want it to cost you enough for you to be compelled to follow it. And I am very sure you will build wealth from it.

The early-bird pricing will only be available for a short while. Then, the price will go up again. So, take advantage of this while you can. If building generational wealth is important to you, this is your ticket into it.

You may not come from a rich family, but a rich family can come from you.

Stay rich.

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