5 Reasons to Be Rich

To get your mindset right

Most people don't have a reason to be rich. This is why they find it difficult to grow rich despite tons of opportunities surrounding them. I have observed that you can have anything in life if you want it bad enough.

Now, this is not to mean that if you chase it bad enough, you can get it. Nope. There are tons of people chasing money, and none of them is getting it. Those who get money are not those who chase it. Those who get money are those who position themselves well to receive it. This is the message of my first book.

If your reason for getting rich is not strong enough, you won't do what it takes. Remember, trying your best is trash. Losers try their best. Winners do what it takes to win.

While there are immoral and dubious ways to win, there are perfectly moral and ethical ways to win. Let no one deceive you that the immoral, unethical way is the only way. However, it is important that you believe right.

One powerful way to keep people poor is to teach them that the necessary step to win is immoral. This is why there is so much poverty in the world. Religion (and financial ignorance) is one way people have been submerged in poverty. Interestingly, all religions are guilty of this.

One of the hardest jobs in the world is trying to make a poor religious person rich. There is some change in some areas, but the vast majority of religiosity still revolves around keeping people poor.

If you want to be rich, you have to first be mentally okay with being rich. You have to accept it as an identity. You must never be apologetic about it. You have to own it.

It is a common trend today that many wealthy people (mostly second-generation wealthy families) try to be apologetic about their state of wealth. If they keep it up, they will lose their wealth. It may take a long time, but they will eventually lose it. You don't push money away.

Here are 5 reasons to fuel your ambition to be rich:

1. Money Makes You Powerful

With money comes power. You automatically become a decision-maker when you have money. People want to consult you before making major decisions. And I have seen this play out a lot.

There are decisions that are being made for you every day. You may never know, but it is true. The simplest example I can give for this is a neighbourhood, town, or city development.

Yes, the government makes the decisions. But they consult the rich people first informally. If you are the richest person in your neighbourhood, do you think the government official in charge of your neighbourhood will want to do a new development and not consult you? In most cases, they do.

The politicians need the rich. The government official will come to make friends with you even before talking about new developments. Only money gives that kind of power.

2. Money Brings Influence

You would be surprised by the things that have a price tag on them. Fame has a price. And it is in money. I have seen a lot of things advertised to me that I didn't know people could pay for and get.

Of course, sometimes, they don't say explicitly that it costs just money. But if you dig deep, you will realize that everything else is easy peasy if you have money.

I have seen people with nothing to offer buy their way into anything and everything. If you know who to ask and how to ask, you can buy your way into anything.

3. Money Does Buy Freedom

How do you even get out of jail if you don't know you are in one? I heard that many years ago, and it still sticks. Many of the rules and regulations of society today do not apply to ultra-rich people. Of course, some rules still apply, but you will be stunned at the rules that don't count.

Not going to get into any detail, but you'd be surprised at how much rules change for the top 0.1%. It's a different set of rules for the rich that you wouldn't know existed until you get there.

4. Money Opens Doors

Many people with a lot of money don't know how to use it. And I have been there. We think we are smart with what we do with money, but we are just squandering money.

Money opens doors. In fact, I'd say the most important use of money is to gain access. You can gain access anywhere if you know how to use money right.

Sometimes, it feels like you are doing something completely stupid with money. But you are not if you know what you are doing. Why do you think rich people do charity events? Why the event? Think about that.

5. Money Puts You in a Good Position

To be rich, you need good positioning. You can get a good position without money. And that is a delicate art. Most people tend to want to focus on this because they believe they don't have money. But the money you have is a key to securing a great position for more money.

You can use money to get yourself in a good position. This is why wealthy families pay a fortune to get their kids into top schools. It's not because the education elsewhere is so bad. Rather, it is because of the position it puts the kid in reference to career success.

No money is too small to be invested in positioning. Smart people invest more in branding by association. This is one of the most effective forms of branding and perceived credibility.

Money makes all that easy peasy. This is enough reason to be rich.


I am not saying all of these to make you chase money. You already know that those who chase it don't get much of it. I am saying all of these to make you aware and to fuel your desire so that when a golden opportunity moment presents itself, you won't screw it up.

When the chance comes, you won't say, "Well, money isn't everything". That is a bad mantra to carry around. Of course, money isn't everything. But you won't live to the fullest of what you can be or do if you don't have much of it.

Don't wait to have your own money. Learn to use other people's money and resources for your own good in a win-win way. More on that in another article.

Stay rich.

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